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Football Club Varteks lives proudly since May 2011. Small, but extremely devoted group of volunteers, proudly and boldly walks the football paths with a goal to return football to supporters and to relcaim trust from all people who truly love football, in honest and transparent way of leading a football club.
Level which FC Varteks reached, now demands more serious approach, but also demands larger financial resources.
So, we turn to You dear supporter and friend of the Club and to anyone who is about to become one.

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Donate and support a project of pure love for football! A club founded by most ardent Varteks fans needs You!
With Your donation You are directly helping FC Varteks and it’s Youth Academy, also enabling a new stride in a fight for football as it once was – without politics, without corruption… Accompanied only by roar on the stands of our stadium.
We believe in You, because You know that, with Your kind donation or monthly subscription, You are giving us wings for a new takeoff.
Therefore, be Varteks, because Varteks is a feeling…
How to support us?
You can also carry out immediate cash injection to our IBAN HR6241330061104212508 via Internet banking.

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Donations can be carried out via PayPal account

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You can also set a permanent order on PayPal. Just pick a montly amount and click on Donate.
Amount that you pick is going to be one of many wheels which powers FC Varteks.


Football Club Varteks was founded in 2011 by ardent fans with a simple goal: to preserve name, history and tradition of once famous first league club form Varazdin. Romantic idea – embroidered with motive to prove that with own engagement, football can be what it once was, based on honest foundations and values – gave birth to new club management model, based upon “one member, one vote” principle. With full heart, big motive and strong support from our fans White Stones, those 2011 we started an unprecedented adventure on Croatian football scene, based on very successful English and Austrian examples of fan owned clubs.

Old FC Varteks, founded by textile factory with a purpose of positive impact on workers society of that time, today has worthy successors in new, young generation of entrepreneurs, workers, craftsmen, friends and football fans, who passionately traverse through all obstacles which today’s situation in Croatian football and society has to offer, with ultimate goal to return Varteks where it belongs, to bring back positive football story to Varteks stadium, to make Varazdin proud again… Many have started only with shy support and today they are passionate members and friends of the club, who proudly wear legendary emblem on the left side of t-shirt.


You can also support us by joining FC Varteks. By filling in our online admission form and paying a yearly membership You become co-owner of the Club and member of Assembly, which operates upon “one member, one vote” principle.

Do You want to feel warmth in Your heart every day, goosebumps every sunday from loud noise from the stands and support Your club?
Become a part of most positive Croatian football story, join the movement which notes only success, be proud that you help a project which bring FC Varteks back to Croatian 1st division…
Because we are all Varteks!